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Easy Violin Duets for Beginners (Using Various Instruments)

A violin duet is when two musicians perform a piece of music together using at least one violin. The other person can also play the violin or another instrument. Most duet versions of this tune are composed so that the bottom and top part of the music score follows the same rhythm, which makes playing in time with another person pretty straightforward. Just remember, the top score will usually consist of higher notes compared to the bottom, so it might be worth working out who is more comfortable using each octave before you start.

Once again, Jingle Bells is usually composed in a simple key, such as G major, with a single sharp on the F note. If you struggle in places, try setting a slower tempo on your metronome, then build up the speed when you can play the rhythm confidently. Perhaps you know someone with a passion for piano? If so, take a look at some beautiful duets you can play along to below…. The part that makes playing the original Canon in D difficult, is the combination of fast tempo and semi-quavers.

These notes are easy to get lost in when playing at speed. That said, it may take some practice playing crotchets whilst your partner plays the quavers or dotted notes. This is a famous Beatles song released in That said, there are duo violin versions of this duet out there too. Yesterday is really easy to grasp thanks to being composed in the key of E minor, with a single sharp on the F note. There can be sharps on the C and D in places too, however, so be aware of the occasional accidental being added into the melody.

The violin and flute produce sounds at a similar pitch so both play melodies in the treble clef. This can make things more interesting by letting you switch parts around. Silent Night is another song that most people have well-established in their memory, so it should take some pressure off your sight-reading ability when it comes to playing the rhythm and melody.

As well as this, the tempo is nice and slow, giving you time to get familiar with the notes ahead. The song can be transcribed into different keys, but most are composed in the key of Bb major.

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If you find this finger placement a little tricky, practice the Bb major scale before you start playing and repeat sections of the tune until you feel confident hitting the right note.

The original sheet music for Spring is ranked at an intermediate level, but there are plenty of simplified versions out there.Violin Duet Sheet Music - page 1 High-quality, pure digital sheet music to download and print with audio music files. Search all Sheet Music Clear Search. Advanced Search. Instruments Instruments. Search within results Clear Search.

Filter results by. Filter by Skill:. Get amazed by Canon in D and Gigue by Johann Pachelbel in a special and unique arrangement for two violins. It also includes interactive sheet music for realtime transposition.

The favorite Happy Birthday as a special and unique transcription for two violins. Suitable for beginner or intermediate players, includes PDF sheet music files with audio MIDI, Mp3 and Mp3 accompaniment files as well as interactive sheet music for realtime transposition. Top of Page. Link to this page. We are certified by:. Search within results Clear Search GO!

piano and violin duet

Complete Violin Duet Catalog. Passacaglia on a theme by G. Two Part Inventions duets Little Duets Op. Duet Op. Canonic Sonatas, book I duets First Duo Concertant Op. Three Duo Concertants Op. Canonic Sonatas, book I-II duets Very Easy Duet Op.This is the second and final article in a two-part series based on violin duos and duets.

In this article you will find the top 8 violin duets in the classical repertory. The main difference between a violin duo and a violin duet is that the former is for two solo violins only and the latter has added accompaniment, usually an orchestra or continuo.

Unless they are written that way! There are many excellent duets and I bet many you have never even heard of! Along with the standard violin duets from J. Bach, Vivaldi, and Mozart, this list contains twentieth century works that historically pushed the boundaries of musical composition and music making.

This piece certainly deserves to be on the top of the list!

piano and violin duet

Strings and basso continuo accompany this concerto for two violins. Throughout the work, Bach uses Baroque compositional techniques like fugal imitation and counterpoint between the two solo instruments. It has a chaconne-like repeating harmonic structure passed back and forth between the two solo violins.

Typical of his style, Glass uses minimal thematic material in an effort to evoke feelings of serenity and peace. The first movement is highly romantic, with broad and sweeping themes. The second is an elegant waltz, while the third is plaintive and slower. The finale, Molto vivace, is full of spirit and bounce, a fitting end to a fabulous work of art. Mozart wrote this concertone, or large concerto, for two violins when he was only This brilliant, but relatively rare work is very characteristic of his younger style, with a lightness and optimism, even in slower themes.

The first movement features a lovely cadenza for both violins and solo oboe before returning to the main theme. The second movement is very graceful while the third and final movement provides a bold and spirited finale. With a prepared piano a piano with added objects on the strings to alter the sound of the instrument this piece sounds like an out-of this-world, futuristic film score. The altered piano adds both percussive depth and chime-like tones to the lush string ensemble, while the two solo violins soar above.

Spanish violin prodigy and composer Pablo de Sarasate composed this show stopping virtuosic piece for two violins and orchestra. It definitely makes for an excellent encore. This showpiece is a Spanish jota, with close harmonies throughout, even during extended sections of harmonics and left and right-hand pizzicato.

This is certainly a fun piece—both for the performers and the audience! It is very similar in character to the violin concerto as it is in the same key. Since Vivaldi wrote many of his compositions as pedagogical tools for young girls at a home for abandoned children, this exciting three-movement piece is often still considered a student concerto.

Violin duos and duets are an indispensible part of the chamber and orchestral music repertory.Skip to main content. Classical New Age Piano Music.

Classical New Age Piano and Violin Duets

MP3 Music, November 14, "Please retry". Audio CD, November 14, "Please retry". Does not apply to gift orders. Listen Now. Your Amazon Music account is currently associated with a different marketplace.

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Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. This CD is just what I needed to relax my mind, particularly with the unnerving jitters associated with the coronavirus pandemic and the civil unrest happening in our Nation today. The soothing sounds of the piano and violin are sooooo very comforting.

The composer did an outstanding job of creating this warm, relaxing masterpiece. After showering and retiring for the evening, this work of art is just what I needed, its truly a classic.

piano and violin duet

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